Thursday, January 12, 2006

Useful Idiots "Hijack" Israeli Tourism Program

"For me, being a Jewish person means supporting social justice. For me, being Jewish doesn't mean supporting Israel," says Jessica, who traveled to Israel with Shorashim, a Birthright travel organizer, during the summer of 2004. "The lessons of the Holocaust and the lessons of Jewish history mean we need to stand up for people's rights. Otherwise, who's going to stand up for us?" Jessica asked that her last name not be used so as not to jeopardize her work on behalf of Palestinians....

Among pro-Palestinian organizations aided by non-Israeli Jewish activists - including an unknown number of former Taglit-birthright volunteers - is the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).


Blogger ig_r said...

It's hard to call them useful idiots. Some of these people are motivated by their Judaism (not always Reform, I've seen some Orthodox of the non-Neturei Karta variety do the same sort of thing). The problem is that they are ignorant of Islam and Arab culture and they don't realize that there can be no reasoning with the Palestinian Arabs. The Arabs reject a two-state solution in the long term and a binational state is basically suicide for the Israelis. They see the poverty of the Palestinians and feel bad, thinking that Israel is the cause of it when it's mostly of their own doing, the lack of motivation to work and the corruption of the local government. They feel pity for a people that they should feel no pity for. If they only understood the history of how Arabs have traditionally treated the Jews and what exactly happened in the '40's and '50's to the Jews of the Arab world, then they wouldn't be so guilt ridden vis-a-vis the Palestinians. If Jessica was really interested in "social justice" she'd be lobbying for Israel and demanding the Arabs take care of their brethren and stop treating them like the footsoldiers of the lesser jihad against Israel. An ignorance of history and the belief that everyone "wants the same thing", a dangerous cocktail indeed.

January 12, 2006 1:28 PM  

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