Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Singularity! Robot Bureaucrat to Resolve Disputes

In relatively minor cases, such as criticism of car parking facilities, the "agent" may even be able to resolve the complaint online without any further human involvement.

In more complicated cases, the "agent" might have to hold meetings between the two sides in secure internet chatrooms or by using video-conferencing. In the few remaining, unresolved, cases the "agent" will refer the matter to lawyers.

UK Testing Unmanned Combat Planes

The jet-powered Corax had performed several successful flights as early as 2004 – taking off and landing under computer control.

Vibrating Insoles to Protect Geezers from Slip-and-Falls

Unfortunately, as people age the mechanical sensors in their feet, joints and muscles degrade, much as hearing and vision decline, Dr. Collins said. Signals from the feet and lower limbs do not reach the brain to promote balance....

To deliver more useful noise to the brain, Dr. Collins and his colleagues embedded three battery-powered vibrating elements into insoles made of an elastic silicone gel. When people stand on the insoles, their feet are stimulated by random vibrations that they cannot consciously feel but that nevertheless reach their brains.