Thursday, January 12, 2006

Independent: Iran Acting in Self-Defense

Iran is an ancient and proud nation and reacts badly to being treated as a pariah state.... From a geopolitical perspective, Iran looks around the Middle East and Asia and sees regions bristling with nuclear weapons. To the east lie Pakistan and India, both nuclear armed. To the west is Iraq, which gassed Iranian citizens and where Saddam Hussein tried to develop nuclear weapons. Further west lies Israel - Iran's implacable foe - which is estimated to have 200 nuclear bombs. None of these nations has come under serious pressure to dismantle its nuclear arsenals....

Although Iran has been blamed by the US and Europe for escalating the current crisis, Iranians could feel that the sabre-rattling and warnings that "all options are on the table" are forcing them to defend themselves from possible attack.

MORE: Lefty Talking Points Take Shape; "Sound Familiar?"

MORE: Garton Ash's Solution: 24-Hour Satellite Broadcasts

Americans are right to emphasize that the Iranian people are potentially our greatest allies. Indeed, this is probably the most pro-Western society in the Middle East outside Israel. We should do much more to speak to them, to explain our policies, and to help those who want to help themselves. We should, for example, have 24-hour satellite television broadcasting in Farsi (instead of only two hours a day from Voice of America). We should use the Internet much more creatively. We should support Iranian civil society and particularly the brave student activists in any way we can -- without risking their lives.


Blogger Bravo Romeo Delta said...

How do countries like Libya and South Africa fit in to this narrative?

January 13, 2006 1:34 AM  
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