Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hamza Trial: "Six Enemies of Islam"

1. Muslim clerics; 2. Muslim politicians; 3. Muslim journalists; 4....: Mr Abu Hamza said Islam's first enemy was "tyrants and apostates of our leaders, Jews number two, Christians number three, evil scholars of Muslims number four, hypocrites number five, ignorance of our umma [the Muslim community] number six".

Number 7? French "Charity" Only Offers Meals With Pork

"Pork is a European symbol, whether we like it or not. The day when there are laws forbidding the distribution of pork in Alsace I believe there will be a lot of us who will leave France and take refuge in a country where there is still a certain culinary freedom."...

The philosophy behind Soulidarieta, which means solidarity in the local dialect, is made clear in the association's literature, in which it claims: "Our people face being submerged by a rising black demographic tide," and announces "the launch of a voluntary social and political action in favour of our most deprived blood brothers".